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Leadership Course Offerings—A Planning Guide

Photo of a student filling in a day plannerAll students must complete the core requirements in leadership (27 credits), and research (6 credits), an experiential learning requirement (3 credits) for a total of 36 semester hours.

You are strongly advised to plan your graduate study by meeting with your advisor. This semester/session course planning guide is not set in stone; changes will take place depending on enrollment and other factors. Courses are only offered once a year. You must take some courses during the winter and summer sessions.


M.S. in Leadership Course Planning Guide

Fall 2012–Summer 2013 Schedule

Courses Offered Possible Format
* Hybrid: Traditional classroom meetings on a non-standard schedule plus online.
** Internship: Custom designed for recent bachelor degrees.
*** Observational Study: Custom designed for experienced professionals.
A. Core Requirements in Leadership: 27 credits
MLS 501 Holistic Leadership (3 cr.) Fall Online
MLS 510 Studies in Leadership Communication (3 cr.) Fall Traditional
MLS 511 Systems, Change & the Dynamics of Complexity (3 cr.) Spring Hybrid* or Online
MLS 515 Leadership Analysis, Thinking, and Planning (3 cr.) Spring Individualized Appointments
MLS 537 Leading and Learning in Groups (3 cr.) Fall Traditional
MLS 581 Leadership Ethics (3 cr.) Fall Traditional or Hybrid*
MLS 538 Brokering Alliances and Networks (3 cr.) Winter Online
MLS 552 Program Evaluation and Grant Writing (3 cr.) Summer Online
MLS 580 Seminar in Public Policy (3 cr.) Spring Hybrid*
B. Research Requirements: 6 credits
MLS 585 Research Methods and Writing (3 cr.) Spring Online
MLS 590 Master Thesis (3 cr.) Summer Individualized Appointments
C. Experiential Requirement: 3 credits
MLS 591 Applied Leadership Internship (3 cr.) ** Anytime Arranged with Advisor
MLS 592 Applied Leadership Observational Study (3 cr.)*** Anytime Arranged with Advisor

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