Latin American Studies Program

Model Organization of American States (MOAS)

Minor in Latin American Studies for the Professions

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Expand Your Career Opportunities

The largest ethnic minority population in the U.S. is those of Latin American background. That's over 45 million people. They're in the classrooms, clinics, and social work settings where you'll soon be working. Get ready to engage them by gaining cultural literacy about Latin America and a working knowledge of Spanish. Sign up for Plattsburgh's Latin American studies for the professions minor and put your career in over-drive!

There's a new world for professional practitioners. Latin Americans are our largest ethnically distinct minority group, with the majority coming Mexico. These immigrants and their descendants have settled in every region of the U.S. They will comprise a significant share of your patients, students, or clients. Your sensitivity to their cultures and a conversational knowledge of Spanish will put you on the fast-track for career advancement and job satisfaction.

The minor in Latin American studies for the professions offers enriched courses, an exciting study abroad experience, and a cross-cultural field placement in Mexico. You can take this minor without extending your time until graduation or spending much more than the cost of a vanilla B.A. or B.S.

What is it all about?

You'll take:

  • LAS 111, Introduction to Latin American (satisfying Gen. Ed. World Systems).
  • Spanish on campus through the second semester (satisfying Gen. Ed. foreign language).
  • A Semester abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico (satisfying Gen. Ed. Integration Requirement) containing:
    • Two courses in Spanish in a small-group, immersion setting.
    • A course on changing conditions in rural Mexico and indigenous community life.
    • Weekly field trips to cultural sites.
    • An ethnographic course looking at rural life and including visits to indigenous communities.
    • A field placement with a local agency or school allowing you to observe Mexican approaches to health care, education, or social service practice, depending on your major.
    • A home-stay with a Mexican family to further your immersion in local culture.
  • A course on the Latin American population in the United States.
  • A course in your particular major enriched with information about Latin Americans and designed to sharpen your skills as a teacher, nurse, or social worker in a multi-cultural setting.

Begin the program as a freshman or later!

Get started by setting up an appointment with your particular department advisor — see below — or with Dr. Charles Simpson. Declare the new minor and register for LAS 111. Completed the first two semesters of college Spanish by Fall 2010 when the first Southern Mexico semester will take place.

Program Requirements

Contact Information

For more information about the Latin American Studies for the Professions at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Dr. Stewart Voss
Office: Hawkins Hall 251
Phone: (518)564-4217