Major in Newspaper Journalism




Education reporter, The Post-Star, Glens Falls, N.Y.

"In my first job as a reporter with a newspaper, knowledge of writing and reporting were the most helpful skills. While I still had lots to learn, I had a foundation in writing and reporting to build on. I had a solid understanding of grammar, AP style and sentence structure, which made the job easier for the editors who reviewed my stories. As I gained experience as a reporter, another valuable ability was having a modest understanding of various subjects, like education, criminal law, and government."

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Science (B.S.) in Journalism: Newspaper

The newspaper journalism major prepares students for jobs as newspaper reporters, editors, and page designers. While the program contains a large practical component with hands-on courses in news, reporting, copy editing, page layout, and desktop publishing, it also contains a strong theoretical component in courses that teach press history, ethics, and law. Students take newspaper-specific courses in which they

  • write articles on speculation for the Press-Republican, Plattsburgh's daily newspaper
  • work as reporters, photographers, section editors, copy editors, page designers, editorial cartoonists, graphic artists, and advertising designers for Cardinal Points
  • design camera-ready publications for a variety of intended audiences

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