History Major with Study Option in Teaching Preparation


History Major with Study Option in Teaching Preparation (194) (120 credits)

Students who are considering a career in education, and are interested in becoming social studies teachers (grades 6-12) by pursuing a Master’s in education after they are graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a B.A. in history should consider the history major with study option in teaching preparation. This specially designed program provides students with a comprehensive exposure to historical events, processes, and thinking from the Renaissance through the modern period, and also gives students some opportunities to explore the pedagogical skills required for teaching. Students generally begin by taking lower division courses that focus on specific world regions during discrete eras. Majors then build on this experience by taking at least four upper division courses that focus more narrowly on historical themes that are the expertise of the program’s faculty members.

History majors who choose the study option in teaching preparation program must also broaden their learning experience by taking a range of general courses in the social sciences—this offers key training for the future social studies teacher. The program is designed so that students are increasingly challenged to develop their critical thinking, communication, research, and writing skills.

Students in this program complete their work with a senior project that requires them to conduct original research and apply that research to the creation of classroom materials.

Program Requirements

For specific details, please contact the History Program Chair, Dr. Wendy Gordon or speak to your academic advisor.

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