Student Profiles

Meet a Few of Our Students

Diana Gaston, Sophomore

  • Minor: French
  • Major: Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management
  • Hometown: Rochester, NY

I like this program for the variety of classes offered, and the friendliness, intelligence, and availability of the staff. I also like SUNY Plattsburgh’s proximity to Canada, particularly Montreal! You could easily take a day trip there (or stay overnight) for a taste of French immersion close to home.

Reading novels by authors outside of France and Quebec in FRE334 - La Francophonie was fun. I also really improved my French speaking in FRE316 - Conversation avancee. I have enjoyed my time with both Marie Cusson and Jean Ouédraogo, as their diverse cultural backgrounds have been able to assure that my French education has been well rounded.

Anyone considering pursuing a major or minor in French should definitely go for it! Or at least take a few classes to keep up your fluency.

Megan Wood, Sophomore

Megan Wood is a Spanish Major from just outside of Plattsburgh and is in her sophomore year here at Plattsburgh State.

In Her Own Words

"When put into perspective, my college career is still in the beginning stages. However, in the relatively short time that I have been here, I have truly learned a great deal. Being a Spanish major and a part of the Foreign Languages and Literature Department as a whole have made a great contribution to my learning experience.

"After leaving my first day of Spanish class here at Plattsburgh State, I was left feeling quite nervous. I was surrounded by people of varying ages that were from all around the world. Once the first few classes concluded my nerves were eased. The professors made it a point to know the name of each and every one of their students and a bit about them beyond the classroom. Each student was greeted upon arrival and entered a comfortable atmosphere. Classmates no longer had the faces of strangers but of friends.

"Each Spanish class that I have taken here has shared the same type of learning atmosphere. Class sizes are small and permit friendships to be made. Laughter and a feeling of comfort go hand in hand with the learning process. Many members of the classes are natives to the Spanish language, and are eager to assist those that are newcomers. From them, as well as from the professors, I have broadened my knowledge.

"Great opportunities can be found in the Foreign Languages and Literature Department. I've been given the chance to study the Spanish language and culture hands-on through one of the many study abroad programs. It is not an everyday occurrence to receive the chance to study in another country and having experiences there that will last a lifetime."

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

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