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Foreign Language Placement Exams

For Students Enrolled in General Education 5 (GE5)

Placement exams are scheduled for Saturday, January 23, 2016 as follows:

  • Spanish Placement — 12:00 in Yokum 202
  • French Placement — 12:00 in Yokum 208

Results will be posted on Degree Works. Students may also contact the Department at ext. 3829 for their results.

Placement exams are also given during Summer Orientation. Please visit Student Orientation’s website for the exam schedule.

Results: Each student taking the exam at orientation will be assigned an exam number. Results will be posted prior to course registration according to exam number. Results will also be posted on Degree Works.

Placement Results:

  1. Placement into level 111 means that the student must complete both a 111 and a 112 course if they select the GE5 Foreign Language option. We strongly recommend that all students satisfy their foreign language requirement at the beginning of their studies.
  2. Placement into level 112 or 150 means the student must successfully complete one of these courses if they select the GE5 Foreign Language option. Students with two or three years of high school foreign language or who score 85 or higher on the Regents Exam may take 112 or 150.
  3. Placement into level 213 satisfies the General Education 5 (GE5) Foreign Language requirement at the 112/150 level.

Please note: Students receive zero (0) credits for satisfying these requirements through the placement exam.

Credit-bearing Exams:

Students who desire credit for their foreign language proficiency should arrange to take one of the following exams. For dates, time, and location, please contact the Office of Academic Advising at (518) 564-2080.

  1. The CLEP Exam (College-Level Examination Program), which offers up to 12 credits, can be taken in French, German or Spanish.
  2. Students who desire credit in languages other than French, German or Spanish should take the NYU Exam (New York University Exam), which is available in 53 languages and also offers up to 12 credits.

If the student passes any of the exams at the 112/150 level or higher, the student will satisfy the GE5 requirement and the one-year foreign language requirement for education majors.

MLC Courses Offered:

  1. FRE/GER/SPA/ITA/ARA 111 is strictly for beginners, or for students with no more than 2 years of high school language knowledge.
  2. FRE/GER/SPA/ITA/ARA 112 should only be taken by students who have passed 111. Successful completion of level 112 satisfies SUNY Plattsburgh’s GE5 Foreign Language requirement. It also satisfies the one-year foreign language requirement for Education majors.
  3. FRE/SPA 150 is for those with three years of high school French or Spanish, or the equivalent in life experience. FRE/SPA 150 covers material equivalent to FRE/SPA 111 and FRE/SPA 112 combined. At the completion of FRE/SPA112 or 150, students will be prepared for entrance into FRE/SPA213. Successful completion of FRE/SPA 150 satisfies the GE5 Foreign Language requirement. It also satisfies the one-year foreign language requirement for Education majors. (Please note: There is no GER 150 equivalent; students should take GER 112.)
  4. FRE/GER/SPA 213 is a second-year course, normally reserved for those who have passed level 112 or 150, or for those with at least four years of high school French, German, or Spanish. Placement into 213 can be accomplished through the Placement Exam or through the CLEP or NYU exams.

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