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Full-Time Staff

Dr. Michael Johnson, Program Coordinator/Director

Dr. Johnson's office is at the SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury. However, he does commute to the main campus on a regular basis. His contact information is:

Ms. Bethanne DelGaudio, Graduate Advisor

Ms. DelGaudio is extremely knowledgeable and approachable, especially in the areas of graduation and certification requirements. She is located in Sibley Hall at the main campus and her contact information is:

Ms. Donna Vanderhoff, Secretary

Ms. Vanderhoff is the "go to" person in regard to registration issues. She can help you with any "mechanical" problems you might have. She is located in Sibley Hall at the main campus and her contact information is:

  • Phone: (518) 564-2123
  • Email:

Ms. Marguerite Adelman, Graduate Admissions

Ms. Adelman is available to answer any questions you might have regarding the application and/or the Graduate Admissions process. She is located in Kehoe Hall at the main campus and her contact information is:


You will be learning from experts who have actual "hands-on" experience dealing with the course content. As of Spring 2008, our instructors include:

  • Thomas Abraham: practicing Superintendent of Schools.
  • David Ashdown, practicing Model School Coordinator.
  • Peter Atchinson: retired High School Principal.
  • Nicole Catapano, practicing Coordinator for Data Analysis.
  • Harry Brooks: retired Superintendent of Schools.
  • Raymond Colucciello: practicing Superintendent of Schools.
  • Teri Calabrese-Gray: practicing BOCES Assistant Superintendent.
  • Lyn Derway: practicing School Business Administrator.
  • Richard England: retired Superintendent of Schools.
  • James Gratto: practicing Middle School Principal.
  • Brian Howard: practicing Superintendent of Schools.
  • James Howard: retired Assistant Superintendent.
  • Michael Johnson: retired Superintendent of Schools.
  • Ruth Kellogg: retired District Superintendent.
  • Jane Landry: practicing BOCES Assessment and Planning Coordinator.
  • Jay LeBrun: practicing School Business Administrator.
  • Daniel MacGregor: retired Superintendent of Schools.
  • James Short: practicing Superintendent of Schools.
  • Daniel Starr: practicing Superintendent of School.
  • James Tromblee: retired Assistant Superintendent.
  • Karen Tromblee: practicing Superintendent of Schools.