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Audio-Radio Production

Bruce Goff, Senior

I Am Gaining Real-World Experience by Working with Real Clients

"I like that I am able to gain real-world experience through many of the projects required in my major. Working with real clients, especially in the CMM 428 class, makes me feel very involved in the community. Professor Tim Clukey has helped me tremendously--he's helped me to understand what it takes to create professional audio projects.

"The digital media lab is quite impressive in its software and hardware variety. The WQKE studios also have a lot of good things about them. The main board is very impressive and the monitor sound system is great.

"I like SUNY Plattsburgh's location and size. I enjoy the staff as well. It's small enough where I don't feel lost in the shuffle, but not so small that I start to wonder why no one else comes here."

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Broadcast Journalism

Timothy Claro, Senior

Great Technology and Great Experiences

"When I first came to SUNY Plattsburgh I was enamored with the TV studios. And that has only grown as time goes on. We have a news studio in one room and another studio where you can make anything happen &mddash; it is a great place to work. I think the resources are tremendous, I feel that whatever I need it is right at my finger tips.

"I loved my experience in PSTV as well as classes like CMM 458 and 459, basically teaching me the 'ropes' of the business. The linear edit suites are great. I was terrified of them at first but after taking hours to edit a 2 minute news package it became so easy to use them. To the point where now it might take me 45 minutes for the same project. The Quake, WQKE Radio, is a lot of fun. I had my little sports quip every week when I first started. I enjoyed doing that. Then I had a sports show once a week with a friend of mine."

I've Discovered Talents and Made New Friends

"One thing I have found out about myself here is that I feel like I am extremely adept at being on-air. I feel that in the short amount of on-air time I've had, I've become extremely comfortable with being in front of a camera. I feel like I have a strong radio delivery also.

"I think the program, over the last year especially, really made me feel more part of a comradery than ever before. Doing PSTV management, it changed a lot for me. People look up to me, ask me for help and I am able to do that for them. And if I can't I send them to Pete Premo. But I feel like I've made a lot of friends in PSTV and it has become like a little community.

"Eric Bowers (a fellow student) has been a huge help to me in my time at SUNY Plattsburgh. His determination in 458 and 459 pushed me to be a better student. I saw him do his work and knew that I could do much better. And as the semesters wore on I realized that my work was mediocre and his work was much superior to mine. So I decided to make a change. With his help, my work rose to a much higher level."

Coming Here Was an Excellent Decision

"I came to SUNY Plattsburgh as a transfer student. I applied to Oswego and Buffalo, got accepted into both, but instead went to Columbia-Greene Community College, at my parents urging. The greatest decision of my life. Two years later I applied to SUNY Plattsburgh because of the brand new majors it offered. I met some of the greatest people I'd ever meet and loved it.

"If I hadn't gone to Plattsburgh, I would have made a mistake. I thank my parents for making me go to a community college. My experience at Plattsburgh is something that I will cherish forever."

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TV-Video Production

Corey Smith, Junior

Time in the Studio Led to a Great Opportunity

"It's unbelievable the technology that is offered to us at such an early stage in our college career. It is far superior to other schools I've heard of. There are so many resources here that at times it is difficult to decide where to go. However, that is not a bad thing!

"I like all the equipment and the facilities open to us. The studio, along with the cage and editing suites, gives me a good understanding of what my strengths and weaknesses are. The production equipment is outstanding. I have learned so much using the equipment.

"Hands-on is a great way to learn about my major. Just recently I was picked to direct and produce Twisted TV which is something I was very proud of. To be in control of making my own TV show and showing it to many people is really cool."

I've Learned So Much from the People Here

"Andrew Rice, who graduated last year, made a really good impression on me. He helped me a lot getting through my classes by helping me study as well as leading by example. He was the model of a good student and I strive to be like him one day.

"I have learned so much from this department that to anyone thinking of getting into this major, I would strongly encourage you to apply here. And if accepted, do not hesitate and come to school here."

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Dual Major

Lauren Bennett, Senior

The Relationships I've Formed Here are Priceless

"The relationships that you make while huddled in the audio lab studios with group members 'til all hours of the morning are priceless. It's a really good precursor to the relationships you make with co-workers in the 'real-world.' You have to put your differences aside and focus on the task at hand, and sometimes you find out that those 'differences' you saw before aren't so bad at all.

"Tim Clukey, my advisor, has helped me with every major decision I've made with my academic career here at Plattsburgh. He knows how to balance providing advice while still allowing his students to make the choices that are right for them."

Hands-On Experience Helped Me at My Internship at Clear Channel

"One of my biggest accomplishments at the college was writing and producing the 'Pedestrian Rage' PSA for Clinton County Traffic Safety that went on to win at NBS regionals and nationals. I like the program's hands-on experience from the get-go and working with real clients.

"The audio lab is just the right size, it never seems to get overcrowded even during the busy times. I think the selection of programs in the digital media lab is great. Also, I love the Macs. The automation program I had learned how to use in the WARP radio studios turned out to be a basic version of the program used at the Clear Channel cluster I did on-air traffic for.

"I like the size of SUNY Plattsburgh. There are just enough students so that you don't have to know everyone, but at the same time, in your department you're an individual, not just one of the crowd."

Colleen Sheehy, Senior

You Can Start in the TV Studio Right in Your Freshman Year

"I chose Plattsburgh because I would get to touch cameras and equipment in my freshman year, where at other schools I had to wait until my junior year. Since I started here, I was given the shot to produce a live television show, be a managing editor of an award-winning college newspaper, and anchor sports shows. My second home is the TV studios. I love being able to produce and shoot anything I want in there and also learn all aspects of production.

"I love that we get to use all the equipment whenever we want. The possibilities are endless and we as students get to push the limits. I like that the classrooms are all video and audio equipped along with computers and internet. I like that we get to learn on such high-tech equipment."

My Professors & Fellow Students Have Taught Me a Lot

"Peter Ensel has always been there to answer questions and give constructive criticism. Christine Johnson has taught me how to better produce a show. And all the older members of PSTV have always been there to teach and help out with ANYTHING I needed. I probably learned more from the students in the communications department than anything else.

"Going out and shooting news and/or sports packages about events going on in the community made me feel like a part of the community. I like everything about SUNY Plattsburgh, the students, the school, the area and mostly the friendships I've formed here. It's great — I love it!"

Fiona Daniels, Senior

Group Projects Taught Me a Lot about Production and My Peers

"I like that I get to work in groups for most of the projects. This helps me to learn things from other members of the group that I might not have known before. I also like that a lot of the people in my department genuinely care about how a production turns out. Our group projects are very time consuming and force us to spend time together outside of class. Depending on the group of people, we are also able to talk about things other than production. Sometimes we realize we have a lot of things in common. As a result, we enjoy working on future projects together.

"I have discovered that I am more of a technical or 'behind the scenes' person and that I love to press buttons. I also discovered that I work well under pressure. Some of my best stuff has been done last minute (which isn't always a good thing to do...I know)."

The Professors Have Real-Life Experience

"During my time at Plattsburgh State I have met a variety of professors who have made positive impressions on me. These people are all or have at one time been professionals in a specific field. Therefore I was able to learn several things from each person.

"Deborah Desilva, (both my professor and advisor) introduced me to the deeper aspects of film production. Professor Timothy Clukey, though known for his audio classes, taught me a lot of web design and photo compositing, which in turn has sparked me to pursue digital media in graduate school. Pierre Premo, studio manager of the SUNY Plattsburgh department of communications has trained me in most of the technical aspects of the studio. I like troubleshooting when things go wrong with equipment. He has also offered me many opportunities through the department that have helped to build my experience in production."

Sean McCluskey, Sophomore

The Faculty Helps Bring Out My Creativity

We are able to expand creatively and engage in projects that we think up and create with support of the faculty. I created a competition that aired on Live Night. That was a special accomplishment for me. I was able to see my vision for the contest come to life, while being involved in all the pre-production from marketing and sales straight through to the actual production.

Not only do we have the technology to make anything possible, but we also have teachers and people from the industry around all the time to pick their brains about where and how to take that next step.

I'm Learning to Use the Equipment I'll Use on the Job

Being a double major in video and audio production, I'm able to tap into the best of both worlds and get training on all of the equipment. The linear edit suites are the first editing tool I learned to use at Plattsburgh and I still use them to this day. My friends who have graduated say they use Linear A lot when they got their jobs, especially in the news industry. Our linear suites are the exact same as they use in big news stations. The Non-Linear Avid editing suites are great as well to learn to edit off-line and do more complex editing and really expand creatively. I have seen a few of my friends graduate and get jobs as editors out of Plattsburgh and their skills on these machines helped them greatly.

The audio lab has helped me out a lot in terms of doing voice-overs, creating sound effects, producing radio dramas and commercials, as well as restoration of old vinyl and so forth. The WARP radio studio has been a great place to learn how to do a live radio broadcast and is very close to the same set up many real radio stations. Using the WARP station helped me succeed and grow faster in my internship than some of the others because I was so familiar with the equipment.

I'm Glad I Chose SUNY Plattsburgh

I like the atmosphere and the freeness to be able to expand and learn and hear it straight. If you messed up they will tell you what you did wrong but also how to fix it and do it better next time. And when you do something good you will see accolades come your way. This has been a great choice for me and I'm glad that I made it.

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