Concentration in Sculpture

Photo of students in the foundry pouring molten metal into a moldFuse Materials, Process, and Ideas into Unique Works of Any Size

The Plattsburgh State Sculpture program provides a strong foundation experience. The exploration of a variety of introductory studio problems helps students understand the relationship of materials, processes, and ideas. At the advanced level, students begin to deal with their own personal expression and concepts. Personal insights are further developed through increased awareness of past and contemporary developments in art.

Upper division students create large scale sculptures for outdoor public exhibition. The opportunity to create these works helps ensure student's success getting into grad school with fellowships and scholarships.

Sculpture Facilities

The sculpture facility is well-equipped to assist students in their development. Available tools include an extensive metal fabrication area equipped with MIG welders and a Plasma cutting system. The studio provides a bronze-casting foundry and complete shop area with wood and metal power equipment in addition to a vast selection of hand tools.


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